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 ENSAN Aid Foundation 

Al-Samman Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Aid ( ENSAN AID) (“ENSAN” in  Arabic means Human) ENSAN  Aid was founded with an endowment from Dr, Mahmoud  ALSamman  ,who wanted, after years of experience in the field of international development programs to devote his life to the humanitarian issues affecting Egypt and west Africa.
Dr. ALSamman visited Burkina Faso and met with Burkina Faso’s state ministers and President Kapoori’s adviser. Dr, ALSamman  visited the villages of Burkina Faso and after the visit he decided to establish ENSAN AID/west Africa to work in 14 countries after he saw the suffering of children and women, where there is hunger, thirst, poverty and disease.
. ENSAN Aid is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. Our work focuses on high-impact programs to address the pressing issues facing children, women and the disadvantaged in poorer communities to support sustainable development initiatives that seek to find solutions to the growth of the community while promoting the empowerment of girls, women, children and youth who are most in need.

We pledge to work with enthusiasm and dedication to support all sustainable community initiatives, which lead to real societal changes and improving the lives of the most vulnerable groups. We are committed to influence people’s life positively.

Our projects work to help vulnerable communities meet the big challenges in their lives. We do this by taking an integrated approach to development; looking at the wider context and causes of their needs and promoting sustainable, environment-friendly outcomes. We are also determined to empower marginalized people with a strong voice that argues powerfully for the change they need to transform their lives.

Quality and accountability commitments

Below is our three pronged approach that encapsulates globally accepted principles of quality and accountability as recognised by theCore Humanitarian Standard (CHS) and other related global initiatives such as the Global Standard for CSO Accountability.


Contribute to the empowerment of women and children; provision of: humanitarian services, health care services, education, economic and social empowerment.


To provide better access to humanitarian services and integrated care and where there are no programs in health, education and economic development for girls, women and children through our unique experience and leadership in humanitarian work and via partnerships and cooperation with the government sector, private sector, civil society organizations, international organizations and the establishment of strong relationships with donors.

Our Goals

Help alleviate poverty in rural and isolated communities with a focus on poorer women. Help provide health care for women and children. Encourage and assist poor children to obtain an education and the protection of children from all violations. Encourage women and girls to participate in community, economic empowerment / development programs and promoting the awareness in the community of the role of women and girls.


Transparency & Accountability Respect and affinity with everyone regardless of politics, religion, race, gender, disability or colour. Humanitarian commitment: alleviate human suffering wherever it is found. Protect life and health and ensure respect for human beings. Cooperation and partnership.

ENSAN Aid overall transparency policy statement

ENSAN Aid believes transparency ensures honesty, accountability and improved performance and has adopted it as one of its core ways of working and integrated it within its code of conduct and operating systems.

ENSAN AID also believes it is the right of our beneficiaries, supporters and other stakeholders to be informed and have access to information about our operations and their results as well as the structure and policies we employ.

ENSAN Aid strives to ensure that information related to its operations, decision making, finances, structure, policies, procedures and governance is transparent, accessible and communicated to relevant stakeholders in a timely and appropriate manner.

ENSAN Aid  achieves this by detailing standards for accessibility and communication of information at all levels (You can refer to this in the Code of Ethical Practices as well as the Project and Program Management Code) and making staff accountable for adhering to these standards.

Where necessary IRW will balance the need for providing information with the need to allocate resources reasonably, and the justifiable risks sharing such information may present to the organization and our staff. In these cases our policy states whose responsibility the risk assessment is and the scrutiny process over justifications made (You can refer to: View the Program and Project Management Handbook in Disaster and Relief)

In practice this will fall under three main areas

Transparency surrounding our presence and operations in an area

Transparency around our Foundation and its decision making, and key documents.

Transparency surrounding our global aid spending: ENSAN Aid has committed to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) and Sphere International Standards  for all of our institutionally funded programmes.