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Al-Samman Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Aid (ENSAN Aid) “ENSAN”  an Arabic word meaning human being) ENSAN Aid was founded with an endowment from  Dr, Mahmoud A. EL Saman ,who wanted, after years of experience in the field of international development programs to devote his life to the humanitarian issues affecting Egypt and west Africa.

 Dr. ALsamman  visited Burkina Faso and met with Burkina Faso’s state ministers and President Kapoori’s adviser. Dr, ALsamman visited the villages of Burkina Faso and after the visit he  decided to establish ENSAN AID/west Africa to work in 14 countries after he saw the suffering of children and women, where there is hunger, thirst, poverty and disease.

ENSAN Aid is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. Our work focuses on high-impact programs to address the pressing issues facing children, women and the disadvantaged in poorer communities to support sustainable development initiatives that seek to find solutions to the growth of the community while promoting the empowerment of girls, women, children and youth who are most in need.

 The Foundation won the award ” The best charitable performance in the Arab world /Prince Muhammad bin Fahd Award in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in cooperation with the League of Arab States

The Foundation was awarded an “A” classification in Transparency and International Action by the Cities Agency in Geneva

Award from the American University in Cairo.

ENSAN Aid has many international codes that are consistent with international humanitarian work standards, such as: PMS Code – RDM Code for Relief and Disaster Management Standards – EP  Code for Ethical Practices and TOI code  for transparency  and open information.

 ENSAN Aid foundation has many national and international partners  .ENSAN Aid is a member of a number of regional, national and international networks .

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projects & programs

In our work, we focus on impact programs to address urgent issues facing women, children, girls, disadvantaged communities and the poorest, to be helpful and supportive, and we work to support sustainable development initiatives that seek to find solutions for community growth.

Green Growth Project in cooperation with UNIDO

Green Growth Project in cooperation with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) The project aims: Supporting LGGE initiatives and projects for comprehensive green growth ...

The International Program ;Support the Capabilities of ENSAN Aid Aid Egypt and African Countries

Program name: The International Program ; Support the Capabilities of Ensan Aid affiliates in Egypt and West African countries Number of participating countries: / Egypt ...

Civil Society action for Intercultural Cities and Learning

This program cooperation with Anna Lindh Foundation(The Anna Lindh Foundation is an international organization working from the Mediterranean to promote intercultural and civil society dialogue ...

Arab African Forum for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (AAFEI)

Arab African Forum for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (AAFEI) One of the most important programs and events launched by ENSAN AID – Egypt office, to hold ...

Urgent relief campaign to reduce corona virus

Urgent relief campaign This campaign cooperation with  Drosos Foundation its consists of urgent projects; Support campaign for those affected by the Corona virus: providing food and non-food ...

Project” I’m learning”

Project “I’m learning” A project that supports education and is based on helping children to enroll in education, especially poor and needy children in remote ...

The Cash Transfer project (To reduce the effects of coronavirus)

The Cash Transfer project (To reduce the effects of coronavirus) The project aims to support society, employment, and irregularities through conditional and unconditional cash transfers for ...

Youth for community Action

Name of Project ; Youth for community Action(Enabling youth to participate in the community and in entrepreneurship) Cooperation with : Drosos Foundation (Swiss organization) Description of the project:  ...

SHARIK for better life program (Entrepreneurship, economic projects& community initiatives)

SHARIK “Is an Arabic word it meaning participate with us” The program was implemented in 2014-2015 in 3 countries; Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. ...

Success stories

ENSAN Aid wins the award for the best charitable performance in the Arab world

ENSAN  Aid Foundation won the award for the best charitable performance in the Arab world for the year 2019-2020, Prince Muhammad bin Fahd Award in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in cooperation with the ...

Dr. ELSamman, the founder, wins a prestigious international award

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Samman won the international award from the International Federation for Community Responsibility. International response to the most effective efforts to combat the Coronavirus ...

Certificate of Appreciation from Plan International-Egypt Office

  Certificate of Appreciation from Plan International for the Foundation’s efforts in implementing the Women’s Entrepreneurship Project – to enable women to become entrepreneurs ...

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International Workshop: International Humanitarian Action Standards

Ensan Aid will hold a workshop on February 6-10, 2022 on: International humanitarian work standards in Egypt – Qena Governorate for a unified global humanitarian work Trainer: Dr. Mahmoud El-Samman – Commissioner for Refugees – and an expert on training, planning and cooperation…More

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