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Civil Society action for Intercultural Cities and Learning

This program cooperation with Anna Lindh Foundation(The Anna Lindh Foundation is an international organization working from the Mediterranean to promote intercultural and civil society dialogue in the face of growing mistrust and polarisation.)With the support of the European Union.

the aim of this program :

stimulate give visibility and support exchange of good practices for cultural diversity
management and dialogue promotion across the EuroMed region
• celebrate the diversity of cultures in the Euro-Mediterranean region and highlight the
common features and values they share.
• support cultural literacy, increase awareness of diverse cultures and intercultural
competences and behaviour
• encourage the collaboration between local authorities and civil society in the
implementation of intercultural policies
• Support artistic production for social cohesion and intercultural interaction, combating
stereotyping and intolerance
• Foster the development of intercultural policies for the sustainable and cohesive
development of a city.
• Encourage the development of EuroMed collaborations and valorisation of EuroMed
cultural diversity at the city level
• Support the involvement of young people, women, migrants and refugees in the
development of initiatives for the promotion of intercultural relations within the city