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International Workshop: International Humanitarian Standards (IHS)

ENSAN Aid will hold a workshop from 6-10 February 2022 in Egypt – Qana Governorate

Trainer : Dr,Mahmoud AL-Samman ,Commissioner for Refugees – a training expert and an expert on planning and international cooperation.

For a United Global Humanitarian action

Workshop themes

Opening of the international Workshop ;

Speech of His Excellency: Dr. Marie Oliver – President AHWA l Geneva .

Speech: Mrs. Rehab Al-Masry CEO – ENSAN Aid Egypt

Speech of His Excellency: Kiendrebeogo Kasooum, Representative of West African Countries.

Speech of His Excellency: Karamoko Bande, Representative of West African Countries and Head of the African Development Mediation.



1) Briefly describe the background, purpose and structure of the Core Humanitarian Standard. 2) Humanitarian work based on principles.

3) Strengthening the capabilities of international associations, organizations and relevant ministries to build programs and digital systems to combat terrorism and money laundering (About WCS and other global digital systems and the field experience of the workshop trainer around the world).

4) IFPM: Management of development projects based on the impact methodology. (We work through an international guide on that methodology, providing training and technical support to many international organizations, associations and ministries, this methodology has received many international recommendations).

5) Strengthening the capacity of international associations, organizations and stakeholders in humanitarian diplomatic negotiations based on humanitarian work standards to empower communities, especially those most affected by conflicts, wars, relief operations and disasters.

Secondly: ENSAN AID Foundation is a model

Explanation of the international codes developed and applied by ENSAN Aid in Egypt and African countries for more professional work.

  • PMS Code: (International Program Management Standard – Quality Control and Accountability, using Humanitarian Standards).
  • RDM code (principles of humanitarian relief – relief and disasters from preparedness to recovery – structuring of minimum standards … principles of protection).
  • EP Code (institutional management based on the rules of international humanitarian conduct for a principled humanitarian action (.
  • TOI Code: Transparency and Open Information Promotion Policy.


Workshop language: Arabic with French translation.

Trainer: Dr.Mahmoud Al-Samman, Commissioner for Refugees – a training expert and an expert on planning and international cooperation.

Training manuals are available in 3 languages: Arabic, English and French.

Participants: ENSAN AID affiliates West African countries and Egypt

Targeted training: for ENSAN AID affiliates West African countries and Egypt.