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Recommendations of the Arab-African Forum for Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2021

Recommendations of the Arab-African Forum for Entrepreneurship and Innovation September 8-9, 2021

First: The forum is held annually to be held next year in the sisterly state of Jordan in the third week of November 2022 in Jordan to coincide with the celebrations of the Global Entrepreneurship Week..

The forum also recommended increasing the volume of participation from countries to be 15 Arab and African countries, with the addition of a European country.

Second: Expanding the implementation of youth programs, and working hard in the international program “SHARIK for a better life.”
o SHARIK program is implemented in several countries, which includes: training youth and building their capacities on life skills and entrepreneurship – working to spread entrepreneurship to be a societal culture – empowering young people through youth implementation of economic, entrepreneurship and social initiatives. With the expansion of the implementation of the program in some countries.
 Also providing opportunities for the youth of the Arab and African world to exchange experiences through events, workshops and trainings.
Third: Establishing a network for the voice of young men and women in the Arab and African world.
Fourth: The Forum also recommended organizing the annual “ENSAN AID” award, to be allocated to entrepreneurs and successful youth initiatives, with an award dedicated to those who provide great services from institutions and associations that support youth and enable them to engage in entrepreneurship, economic projects and community initiatives.
Fourth: Establishing a Youth Initiatives Support Fund
This fund aims to provide grants to young people to implement their community initiatives, entrepreneurship and economic projects