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Arab African Forum for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (AAFEI)

Arab African Forum for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (AAFEI)

One of the most important programs and events launched by ENSAN AID – Egypt office, to hold the forum annually in one of the participating countries, in which one of the priority topics will be presented, to be held in Jordan next year 2022 under the name “Innovation and Green Entrepreneurship”, and in 2023 it will be held In Côte d’Ivoire.

Arab African Forum for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (AAFEI) in cooperation with Drosos Foundation (Egypt office)

All media outlets and newspapers in: Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Côte d’Ivoire, and Saudi Arabia have covered this forum and its objectives, as this forum was mentioned on the United Nations News page.

Objectives of the Arab African Forum (AAFEI)

The objective of the forum: Youth are more capable in the field of entrepreneurship and implement their economic projects with high quality and efficiency through access to knowledge and international expertise in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Forum venue: Luxor City- Steigenberger Nile Palace Hotel – Egypt

Forum date: 8-9/2021


Recommendations of the Arab-African Forum for Entrepreneurship and Innovation September 8-9, 2021

First: The forum is held annually to be held next year in the sisterly state of Jordan in the third week of November 2022 in Jordan to coincide with the celebrations of the Global Entrepreneurship Week..

The forum also recommended increasing the volume of participation from countries to be 15 Arab and African countries, with the addition of a European country.

Second: Expanding the implementation of youth programs, and working hard in the international program “SHARIK for a better life.”
o SHARIK program is implemented in several countries, which includes: training youth and building their capacities on life skills and entrepreneurship – working to spread entrepreneurship to be a societal culture – empowering young people through youth implementation of economic, entrepreneurship and social initiatives. With the expansion of the implementation of the program in some countries.
 Also providing opportunities for the youth of the Arab and African world to exchange experiences through events, workshops and trainings.
Third: Establishing a network for the voice of young men and women in the Arab and African world.
Fourth: The Forum also recommended organizing the annual “ENSAN AID” award, to be allocated to entrepreneurs and successful youth initiatives, with an award dedicated to those who provide great services from institutions and associations that support youth and enable them to engage in entrepreneurship, economic projects and community initiatives.
Fourth: Establishing a Youth Initiatives Support Fund
This fund aims to provide grants to young people to implement their community initiatives, entrepreneurship and economic projects

  • The main themes of the forum
  1. The appropriate ecosystem for entrepreneurship, access mechanisms for financing, technological connectivity, incubation systems and accelerators.
  2. The digital environment and its importance for the development of entrepreneurship and its role in responding to challenges.
  3. Government partnerships and the private sector are a modern model that achieves the success of entrepreneurship, innovation and economic empowerment
  4. Social entrepreneurship and innovation.
  5. Managing innovation and entrepreneurship programs and economic development programs at the local and international levels (between opportunities and challenges) and ways to promote entrepreneurship.
  • Subtopics
  1. Entrepreneurship concepts, frameworks and ways to promote entrepreneurship.
  2. Challenges and difficulties facing entrepreneurship in Egypt and the Arab world.
  3. ) Entrepreneurship towards a better impact of societal change.
  4. ) Development and Innovation – Monitoring the experience of the ENSAN Aid Foundation for Egypt, West Africa and other international organizations.
  5. Finding a basic and technical infrastructure of business incubators and accelerators to launch economic facilities and align the entrepreneurship strategy with the global agenda for sustainable development.
  6. Youth in Egypt and the Arab world, development opportunities, requirements and opportunities for economic empowerment.
  7. The role of business incubators and accelerators in supporting the digital transformation of emerging companies.
  8. Entrepreneurship Technology and Social Entrepreneurship – Arab Youth, Digital Investment Windows and Digital Entrepreneurship.
  9. Develop a set of solutions to ensure the support and financing of promising entrepreneurial projects.
  10. Partnerships to develop, direct, raise funds and finance for the management and implementation of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship programs that solve the most pressing problems.
  11. The role of government agencies (ministries and concerned authorities), the private sector and banks in accelerating the adoption of youth and society’s adoption of entrepreneurship and economic empowerment, especially for the poorest and most needy groups.
  12. Economic Empowerment, Employment of Databases, Behavior Modification Theories and Value Chains.



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