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The first Arab Forum for Entrepreneurs Club and social innovation.

Yesterday, November 15, 2020, ENSAN  Aid Egypt held the first Arab Forum for the Entrepreneur Club with the participation of 4 Arab countries as a first stage, including: Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt. This forum comes to enhance the exchange of experiences between youth in the field of entrepreneurship and community innovation. Empowering young people in entrepreneurship, social innovation and developing economic projects through the Arab Entrepreneurs Club.

The first forum also included participating associations, including the Rawasi Foundation in Palestine. It was represented in the forum by Mr. Nasim Al-Zinati, the International Relations Officer, and from Lebanon, Mrs. Rand Saqr, Head of the Social Work Department at the Guidance Association, and from Jordan Mrs. Ramzia Al-Khatib, Director of the Working Women Association, and a representative of Egypt, Mrs. Rehab Al-Masry, Executive President of the Foundation ENSAN Aid Egypt.

The youth also participated in presenting 10 societal, economic and entrepreneurship initiatives, their experiences and goals of each initiative

This first recipient comes in preparation for the Arab Forum for Entrepreneurship and social innovation, which will be held in Egypt 2021

This forum resulted in many suggestions and recommendation