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Training and institutional capacity building

Since its inception, ENSAN Aid has been pursuing building the capacities of the work team and all the beneficiaries of the organizations on a non-traditional approach in training based on institutional needs and the environment surrounding the work to keep our work in line with international humanitarian work. We also focus in all our work on impact, for example, those trainings that he designed and trained. His Excellency Dr. Mahmoud Al-Samman – an expert in development and international training, has designed several working codes: Relief and disaster management based on an impact and risk approach

1- Project management / based on impact methodology (this training was provided to many international organizations around the world)

2- Strategic planning based on impact and risk-based methodology.

3- Protection from sexual exploitation and abuse policy code

4-Code of transparency and open information policy

5-Standards of international humanitarian work

6-Anti-money laundering and terrorism code

7-Training Manual (SHARIK ) Entrepreneurship and Life Skills (which is implemented and applied in several Arab countries)

Within the framework of exchanging experiences and capacity building: the Arab-African Forum for Entrepreneurship was launched


























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