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The visit of Mr. Rafik Samy, Executive Director – Egypt Office – Coptic Orphans


In a supportive and stimulating visit to the activities and initiatives of Valuable Girls  project, Mr. Rafik Samy, Executive Director – Egypt Office, Coptic Orphans  (US organization ), Mrs. Salwa Youssef, Area Manager, visited project’s activities and initiatives and from ENSAN Aid Foundation ; Dr. Mahmoud El-Samman Board of Trustees, Board Member, Development and Population Advisor Dr. Ibrahim Desouky and Mrs. Rehab Al-Masri Chief Executive Officer – Project Manager Sabah and the team work ENSAN Aid. A field visit to one of the initiatives of girls, which is the development of the train station Ayyisha village Qus in the governorate of Qena (paints – umbrellas rest and lighting poles) Mr. Rafik listened to the girls and the challenges they faced in implementation. Mr. Rafik Sami praised the outstanding performance of the girls in the implementation of their initiatives and listened to all the other initiatives. On behalf of the Chairman and the Board of Trustees, we extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Rafik Sami and Mrs. Salwa Youssef for this wonderful visit that supports the project and girls’ initiatives.