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The Cash Transfer project (To reduce the effects of coronavirus)

The Cash Transfer project (To reduce the effects of coronavirus)

The project aims to support society, employment, and irregularities through conditional and unconditional cash transfers for the volatile response to the Corona virus disaster.

Following a disaster, some cash transfer programs provide blanket distributions of cash (e.g., cash is provided to everyone in a select geographic area). More often, however, we provide cash transfers to a select, or “targeted,” group of people. Because cash is useful to everyone (its very benefit!), we have a responsibility to clearly communicate to selected communities who will be receiving cash and why. Clear communication should be on-going, accessible (visible signage, repeated verbal communication, open door policy, etc.), and updated as a situation evolves.

Cash transfers come in two types: unconditional, meaning the participant receives the transfer simply based on qualifying as a program participant, or conditional, where a participant must complete some sort of activity to receive their transfer. Cash for work programs are a type of conditional cash transfer program: Participants must complete a certain number of work hours to receive payment.