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Women Entrepreneurship project

Women Entrepreneurship Project

Partner&funding: Plane International (an American body working around the world- and the European Union.

Project Objective: Empowering women and girls from entrepreneurship and building their capacity through life skills

Duration of project implementation : one year

Place of implementation of the project: Altwirat village – Qena – Egypt The project aims to empowering women and girls economically and encouraging them to engage in entrepreneurship or improve existing women’s projects. The project seeks to support the participation of women and girls capable of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship through the implementation of programs designed to enable girls to work on income-generating projects Taking into consideration 30% of the support of the projects of youth, , especially the unemployed, who does not have experience in the craft projects that the community needs and which generates income.

The Entrepreneurship Forum (Entrepreneurship)  It includes the initiatives of girls and young people who have been trained in entrepreneurship and teaching crafts also invited companies and interested parties to join them to connect them with youth and to present all the achievements of the project and to invite positive models for leading girls in Qena governorate and from other provinces to business leaders from girls and young people to represent a platform for entrepreneurship.