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Enable girls to Entrepreneurship program” (Entrepreneurship)

The program working in Qena – Egypt . The overall objective of the project is to strengthening economic poor household and create avenue to youth focusing on young women for the employment opportunity through provision of livelihood support and vocational training and provide loan facilities. The proposed livelihood input grant, also be in the form of cash with training and given to the beneficiaries to decide on the quantum and amount of livelihood or other livelihood input. Based on the area, types of community’s interest and traditional practices. An intensive business plan developed and livelihood based group formed to provide training and intensive support towards the sustainable livelihood. The project also plan to create a market linkage to ensure fare price of their products. In addition, the project provided 15 training session to the beneficiaries related to specific livelihood based income generation intervention. The target beneficiaries will also be linked with the micro-credit programme of Ensan Aid will further ensure the livelihood resilience for the longer term Awareness and advocacy is one of the major lacking areas in the livelihood and income generation component in the community where lots of opportunities and linkages can be created which will lead to have good national linkages with regard to supply and demand as well as the requirement of the community and market demand. By understanding this ENSAN Aid conducted necessary awareness and advocacy forums and to promote women’s entrepreneurship and contribute to changing bad habits and traditions of the society, which does not allow women to doing small projects. Entrepreneurs Club Entrepreneurs Club ENSAN Aid Foundation launches Entrepreneurs Club The launch of entrepreneurs within the “Enable girls to Entrepreneurship program” (Entrepreneurship). The aim of entrepreneurs Club to empower girls in the neediest areas in Upper Egypt of entrepreneurship and be a model is applied in several places. Entrepreneurs Club aims to: 1.Exchange of experiences in the field of entrepreneurship. 2. Empower girls to become entrepreneurs. 3. Overcome the obstacles to girls’ . 4.Encourage girls to each other 5.Community awareness of the importance of the role of girls, especially in the field of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs Club will be working in more places needy and poorest.

Duration of the project:

3 years

Target Group:

Young women and girls

Funding from founder

15,000 $


 local Partner

Population and development services center -NGO