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Youth for community Action

Name of Project ; Youth for community Action(Enabling youth to participate in the community and in entrepreneurship)

Cooperation with : Drosos Foundation (Swiss organization)

Description of the project: 

The Project  aims to encourage youth to engage with the community in such a way that it will shape their future career as potential social entrepreneurs.  Young people in Upper Egypt suffer from lack of knowledge about the importance of entrepreneurship and community initiatives – especially among young women.

The program is designed to enable youth to participate in the community in an entrepreneurial manner through the SHARIK for better life training manual (SHARIK Is an Arabic word which means  participate), which was prepared by Dr. Mahmoud Elsaman “International Training Expert”.

Since the beginning of 2009 the SHARIK for better life program has received several recommendations from National and International organizations recognizing the importance of this program to promote community participation of youth in these Arab World. The Recommendations Include: Recommendation of Secretary-General of the League of Arab States for humanitarian relief

With some input from Ball State University, USA) the program delivers through  four main themes.also the Project aim to:

  • Establishing a Entrepreneurs club in Upper Egypt to serve as a platform for all young entrepreneurs and leading economic projects which are positive models that’s ensuring the continuity of the program.
  • Set up policies and procedures for Entrepreneurs club.